Scott Roeben Photography - Las Vegas Portrait Photography

I absolutely love hearing feedback from my valued clients and fellow photographers! These are a few comments they've sent along about my work. Almost none were paid for their endorsement.

"As a parent, when you look at your children, are you able to see that sparkle unique to each child? Scott is able to capture that individuality through the lens of his camera. His portraiture of children and animals is both genius and art. Scott's work simply brings smiles and tears as he captures the pure essence of his subjects. I have never seen any work that is comparable. Scott has been an absolute joy to work with as he photographs the children served by Spread the Word Nevada. First, you fall in love with him and his humor, and then you fall in love with his work."

Laurie Hartig
Founder, Spread the Word Nevada

"Scott is a great photographer. His portraits of children are simply amazing."

Craig Maccubbin

"Scott took my favorite photo of all time of my daughter, Summer. We can't express in words the beauty he captured, or how much it means to our family to have something so beautiful."

Caroline Chacon

"Scott often donates his time to take pictures at various events my non-profit hosts. We're always amazed by how he captures such emotion and beauty in the photos he takes of the children we serve. His generosity knows no bounds with our program and many underprivileged families have amazing photos of their children that they would never have been able to afford all due to Scott's incredible talent and huge heart."

Lisa Habighorst
Executive Director, Spread the Word Nevada

"My wife and I are thrilled with the photos Scott took of our daughter. We can't begin to count the compliments from friends and family about the quality and vibrancy of the images. Scott was so easy to work with. He came to our house and our local park to get the shots that really captured our daughter's personality--the goofy faces, the curiosity, the random silliness of being two. These are pictures we'll treasure forever and are the kind the department store studio we used before just couldn't match. We've recommended Scott to practically every parent we've met since!"

Chad and Pauline Well

"The pictures Scott took have made my husband and I see our kids in a whole new light. They are truly so amazing and such cuties, if I do say so myself. We as parents tend to forget how amazing they are because we are so focused on playing the parent role--trying to keep them safe and disciplined during this very challenging and curious time in their lives."

Donna & Mark Stanek

"As a photographer, I can appreciate Scott's unique ability to catch kids at some magic moment in their lives. His photos prove that kids have a capacity for total joy. Lots of people can make a 'factual' photograph, but Scott's photos bring out something internal within people."

Kevin McCollister

"Scott has been doing portraits of our children for years, and he never ceases to amaze us with his fun-loving rapport with our kids, his obvious passion for photography and an ability to capture the essence of his subjects. We would happily recommend him to anyone looking for images to cherish for a lifetime. Scott is the best children's photographer in Las Vegas, and our walls are covered with the proof!"

Patricia Yeager
Client and Possibly a Relative

"All I could say, after looking at Scott's photographs of my daughters was, 'Wow!' He's so talented! Scott has the perfect eye for capturing children in their natural element."

Laila Nercessian

"Scott's talent and generosity has been invaluable to my career in comedy. From professional headshots to Photoshop wizardry, there is nothing in the world of photography that doesn't fall within his range of skills. In fact, he almost makes me want to have children so I can also benefit from his photographic forte!"

Brandon Muller

"I find Scott to have an amazingly creative and innovative photographic eye. It doesn't seem to matter what his subject matter is. His photographs create images that inspire curiosity and amazement. He seems to be able to capture the wondrous innocence of children."

Laura Simmons
Objective Third Party

"I consistently see Scott take photos filled with warmth and depth. His skill helps capture a full range of emotions in each image. His photos make his subjects seem so relaxed and natural, even though it's obvious his images are the result of great care and expertise."

Matt Phillips

""Scott has such talent for photography, especially with kids. He captures their personalities and playfulness so easily!"

Annabelle Pagliaroli

"Scott has a natural talent for working with children. He captures their personalities instead of simply waiting for a smile. He's worked with my son and family on two separate occasions, and each time we have been delighted by the memories he has captured."

Donnie Straus

"I commissioned Scott to do some not-so-formal-but-still-professional portraits to use on my Web site. The photos had to capture my brand just right. Scott knew how to orchestrate all details, from timing the light of day, choosing the wardrobe and the props and directing the shoot so that everything came together perfectly and there were too many good shots to choose from! Not bad for someone who considers herself to be the farthest thing from photogenic! Thanks Scott for some amazing photos!"

Anne-Marie Kovacs

"Great work! I consistently fall into the eyes of Scott's subjects. It takes me a minute to snap out of the moment."

Michelle Casey

"Scott is not only one of the most technologically sophisticated photographers out there, but, well, just look at those kids' soulful eyes and adorable smiles! Wouldn't you love to have your kids' joy permanently preserved that way? I'm glad I did! I often gaze fondly at the family photos Scott has taken of my photogenic progeny, and he's the only guy I would trust to shoot my daughter's bat mitzvah. I think his secret is that he's got the heart and soul of a kid himself, that childlike sense of wonder isn't something you can learn at art school."

Jerry Lazar

"Scott's photographs are truely superb. Marvelous!"

Allen Yarger

"I have received so many calls, e-mails and other comments about our holiday card photo [Scott took]. Everybody loves it (and apparently we're winning a lot of household 'card-of-the-year' contests)! I can't thank Scott enough. He's very talented!"

Kristin Norton

"I find Scott's portraits to be compelling, as they truly capture the warm innocence in the faces of these beautiful children. The lighting is dramatic, the colors pop and the framing is unique. Scott is truly skilled at taking wonderful portraits."

Victoria Ribeiro

"Our family loved the wonderful pictures Scott took of us. He imaginatively captured some wonderful moments, and now our family has a beautiful memory to keep. I recommend Scott to anyone who wants a lifetime of joyful memories. He far surpassed our expectations, and I couldn't have asked for better quality portraits. He's given us one of the best gifts any parent could have."

Desiree and Juan Garza

"I'm so elated about the pictures Scott took of our one-month-old baby! They came out so good—much better than I'd expected (and I was expecting a good job)! Scott had great patience with our little one. I love the candid shots he took of our little family and how he incorporated our kitties! My family best-described the photos: precious. Can't wait for our next session."

Annabelle Pires-Pagliaroli

"Scott is amazing. 'Photographer' isn't even the right word. He has such a talent—a gift! The photos he took at my daughters' birthday party are so precious and wonderful. He captured the moments perfectly. In their eyes, you can see what they’re thinking. Thank you so much, Scott, these are just wonderful!"

Jeannie Caruso

"OMG! Those are the best pictures I've ever seen! You are truly talented, Scott."

Amy Spero

"Thank you so much for the photos! They turned out amazing. You truly captured the individual personalities of our children. What wonderful work. I am done with studio shots from here on out. We will be calling you again!"

Jamie Cothran

"I just wanted to say thank you for taking our pictures. The pictures were fantastic! You really captured how nutty and funny our little family is. I loved them. I loved that they weren't standard sit and pose pictures. It never works with our family. The pictures mean a lot to me. I often have bad days with the kids being as busy as they are, and it's wonderful at the end of the day to have my pictures to look back and remember that the day was actually not bad at all. It was busy, but not bad. It reminds me of the funny stuff that Sarah says, and the sweet things that Luke does, and Taylor's funny finger shake while saying, 'No, No, No!' Makes me have a better day the next day. I love looking at the kids, with me, in the pictures, and seeing how much they really do love me, because sometimes I feel like I'm just a person that yells at them. I especially love looking at the ones of my husband. They remind me of how wonderful of a husband he is, and how much he loves me. They remind me of how much he loves our children, and what an amazing father that he is. The pictures just remind me of how wonderful everything is, even in the midst of chaos. Now I have to figure out which pictures I like the best. Ugh. They are all so stinkin' cute!"

Laurie Rogers